Tony has designed two websites for me, and I was very pleased with both final products. One site was a basic package that allowed me to upload and update information about an annual summer music institute program. The other website project was for the Artisan Quartet, a professional performing organization, and required more complex design.

After a very brief meeting and a few follow up conversations via email,Tony designed beautiful and very useful sites for me at a very reasonable cost. The best part of the entire design package is that I retain the capability to edit the site at any time without having to contact Tony. I am able to change the information, upload photos, sell tickets to performances, and send out newsletters, without any additional cost beyond the original design of the site.

I enjoyed working with Tony. Tony was able to intuitively understand what I needed and wanted. I highly recommend Tony and his work, and because I want something done right the first time every time, I would use Tony again (and again).
Paula E. Bird
The Artisan Quartet

Dear Tony,

I wanted to take a moment from the whirlwind of activity surrounding our recent launch of Violin Lab to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with the success of the new website. You know of my previous experience with a web design firm and the headaches that incurred, from communication delays to the constant glitches and malfunctions of the “old” Violin Lab.

My experience with you has been the complete and total opposite. It’s quite an amazing thing to call your web builder on his cell phone and within hours the work is done! You can never find that in a company, where you email some “kid” (young male age 23 and under) who then transfers your email to the “project designer” who then gets the email to the coder, who then doesn’t do the work you actually wanted done… the process repeating again and again. So now imagine, after dealing with that for a year and a half, sitting at a table with your web builder who takes immense pride in his work, sipping coffee, talking the details of web functionality and implementing changes on the spot!!! Quite a different business model, and one I hope you never ever change!

Tony, I only knew you as an excellent timpanist. I had no idea what a brilliant web builder you were! My admin panel is amazing! It is seamless and functions perfectly, whether I create a new lesson or blast out a news item. I know it’s just a bunch of little letters and commas and such, but to me it’s poetry. Not to sound too gushy, but seriously, it has shaved hours off my workflow. And these days, time means everything to me. I had asked for what seemed like the impossible in terms of building a website, and you delivered it, ahead of schedule. Your turn around beats that other “high end” web company by miles and miles. What they built in 1 year took you only 4 months and your Violin Lab functions much better and looks more professional.

You’re a great collaborator. Just so you know, we dreamer /entrepreneurial types need partners with sound judgment and logical thought processes when we build websites. We really don’t want our web designer to say, “Yes, ma’m” and then prosaically piece together a website. We need someone to think through and flesh out ideas, point out flaws, and propose better scenarios. That’s what you did. I am deeply grateful for your amazing hard work and the quality that went behind those long hours. I hope you are proud of our “giant baby”. I am thrilled with it.


p.s. business has almost doubled since we launched!
Beth Blackerby
Founder violinlab.com


It's now been a year since we went live with the redesigned Austin Symphonic Band web site and a good time to reflect on the project. The development process went amazingly well. You were sensitive to our requirements, but offered the benefit of your experience with similar organizations. The result is a visually attractive site with clear navigation and the opportunity for us to market the organization through our web presence. The project was delivered early and on budget.

Unseen, but equally important, the administrative design allows for easy non-programmer maintenance and update of the information that's presented, while still allowing for customization through support of HTML within the interface. As we discovered new function we wanted to add during the course of the year, you were very responsive in getting those changes done, often coming up with brilliant ways to accomplish our wants in ways we didn't even imagine.

There have been a few "hiccups", but you have been relentless in chasing down and resolving the problems. By and large, we have enjoyed a very stable high performing server environment.

On a personal note, I have found you a joy to do business with, and look forward to many years of support from TEDwebdesign. Now to begin thinking about version 2 ...

Fred Behning
Austin Symphonic Band
Web Redesign Project Manager

I am so happy with my site! I came in not knowing exactly what I wanted and the process that Tony took me through made it easy to figure that out and I got a beautiful site that was better than anything I could have pictured on my own. He's also fast and that was so helpful. We got my site launched in two and a half weeks. He's also helpful in explaining the intricacies of the design issues and web searching in ways that make it easy for me to understand. But my favorite part of working with him was his patience with me when I wanted to get nit picky about some of the details. Thanks so much for your great work.

Juliane Taylor Shore

Working with Tony is fantastic! He is intelligent, artistic, patient, and responsive--all of this, plus he's affordable! He'll set up your site so you can modify the text, the photos, and the pages on your own without having to understand how to code websites.
Don't waste you money, time, and frustration working with the big-name website companies. Do it right the first time (for less money) and call Tony. You won't regret it!
Kathryn Leach
Owner of repairtherapy.com